AC Electrical & Air caters to commercial, residential and industrial customers in Bundaberg and the surrounding regions.
We provide a wide range of services, including general electrical work, installation of solar power systems, TV antennas and much more.


General Electrical Services

From wiring a new outdoor light, pool pump or ceiling fan to installing new power points, we have your electrical needs covered.

We specialise in wiring for residential needs, particularly renovations. We are experts at installing low-voltage lighting solutions and can also install smoke detectors and alarms to improve the safety of your home. AC Electrical & Air can discuss with you the ideal solution for that hard-to-place light or appliance.

We also have our own trenching machine for easier installation of underground cables.

AC Electrical & Air is a member of the Electrical Contractors Association, so you can rest assured your work is being carried out by an accredited professional.

Solar Power Systems

AC Electrical & Air can fit photovoltaic (PV) panels to homes throughout Bundaberg and the surrounding regions. These solar panels are then connected to an inverter, which converts the energy into alternating current power, the correct type for your home. Any excess power produced by the panels can be fed back to the grid, which can be credited onto your bill as extra electricity.

Bundaberg Solar are Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer. We are able to advise you on the process for setting up your home with solar power, and we can provide a comprehensive quote on the work involved.

Air-Conditioning Services

Whether it is a single system for a home or installing multiple systems for a block of units, AC Electrical & Air has the skills to design your air-conditioning system. The system installed in your home should be the right size for the building, as this will reduce running costs. We are also fully licensed to handle Bundaberg's air-conditioning needs.

We are ARC accredited, so you can rest assured the job is done to the highest standards and that we will meet all the requirements of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). Licensed technicians and businesses authorised by ARC must operate to mandated standards to ensure that any emission of gas is minimised.

Hot Water Systems

We install electrical hot water systems to residential and commercial buildings. As we hold an electrical installation licence, we are able to fully install the system and have it running in no time.

AC Electrical & Air are experienced installers of all brands of hot water systems. We can advise you on the best size for your home, which will result in more efficient water heating. Keep in mind that your hot water system doesn't just provide hot showers; it also provides hot water to your dishwasher and washing machine, and will need to service all people living in your home.

Antenna Services

We can help you with quality digital antenna installation. That could be installing cabling in new homes or shared housing and upgrading existing antennas.

AC Electrical & Air is able to fit antennas to all types of buildings, from single dwellings to apartment complexes and commercial buildings. We will measure the level of signal for digital television reception before installing your antenna in the best position to receive a clear signal.

If you want to enjoy your TV in another area of the house, we can also assist with the installation of a new cable and point. Call us for a quote or general advice on your requirements.