AC Electrical & Air is a Bundaberg business providing excellent service and the highest quality products. We supply split system and ducted air-conditioners, solar inverters and solar panels.

If you require air-conditioners, or solar power systems, be sure to contact AC Electrical & Air to discuss their range.

// Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning

Supplying the split system and ducted air-conditioning range of energy efficient systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the perfect choice for domestic and commercial needs in Bundaberg.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air-conditioners are widely regarded as the best in the business. They are energy efficient, while emitting low sound. Both the ducted and split system models incorporate reverse-cycle functionality, allowing you to cool and warm your home as the season dictates.

Speak to AC Electrical & Air for guidance on the ideal system for your needs. We can advise you on the right model and number of air-conditioning units for your home, office or workshop.

// SMA Inverters

SMA have 20 years of development experience behind its products, which ensures you have a trusted brand installed in your home. AC Electrical & Air are suppliers of the SMA range of inverters, and we believe the efficiency of your inverter is just as important as the quality of solar panels installed on your home.

Your inverter is responsible for converting direct current power into grid-acceptable alternating current, so it is an essential piece of equipment. As your solar panels are designed to last many years, a hardy inverter that will stand the test of time is also necessary.

SMA has a wide range of inverters, so AC Electrical & Air will be able to advise you on the ideal inverter to suit your home or business.

// Solar Panels

AC Electrical & Air / Bundaberg Solar offer a large range of quality solar panels based on your requirements. We stock the latest and most popular brands and can even source panels for existing system solar upgrades. We offer both a manufacturer warranty and local warranty on all products. All Bundaberg Solar panels offer high performance, even under low light, such as overcast conditions.

Our panels are built to withstand tough conditions on your roof, from high wind to hail and snow. They are ideal for both domestic and commercial rooftops, and can be ground-mounted if required.

Speak to the team at AC Electrical & Air / Bundaberg Solar today about the best solution for your energy needs.